Our Mission
Our Mission is to put our cream into the hands of nurses and caregivers in hospitals and homes across Canada and throughout North America. We want to reduce patients’ suffering, save institutional and individual time and costs and perhaps ultimately affect the accepted standard of care for MASD.
Dr. A.K. Gordon, Inc. is a physician-led Nova Scotia company that has developed a fast acting, complex compounded skin cream that effectively treats infectious or non-infectious MASD.
Dubbed ‘Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream™’ by the nurses who use it, the cream has treated countless patients without side effects in Intensive Care and other units in Canadian teaching hospitals for over 20 years.
While there are numerous commercial products available to treat this condition our research has not found another single-step non-prescription product that addresses all MASD symptoms. For this reason we’re bringing our formula to market.
“As an ICU physician, I’ve seen countless debilitated patients suffering from MASD. Because it’s thought to be an easy condition to treat, dermatologists are not involved and consequently I think the development of a complex, compounded topical treatment for this problem, this population, has simply been overlooked. My formulation has a grassroots following because it’s far easier and more effective than other products nurses have to use.”
– Dr. Ann Gordon
Our Story
Twenty years ago, an Intensive Care Nurse in Vancouver asked Dr. Gordon to write an order to assist a patient suffering with a nasty case of MASD. When the pharmacist was unable to provide a product that met her specifications, Dr. Gordon’s formulation was compounded in-house.
It worked so well the nurses dubbed it ‘Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream™’ and their persistent demand resulted in it being routinely stocked in bedside nursing carts in the Intensive Care and other Units.
When Dr. Gordon moved ‘home’ to Nova Scotia eight years ago, the name stuck and the same demand for her MASD remedy once again developed among nurses and physicians across the Valley Regional Hospital.
We finally got the message. Because we know our product is very safe, fast and effective and because the pharmacist still can’t find another product that meets Dr. Gordon’s specifications, we think it’s time to bring Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream™ to market.
Things are underway. We’re completing regulatory requirements and will launch the required clinical trials to attain a DIN and Health Canada Registration. Once we’ve achieved this we’ll be able to offer our remedy publicly.