Our Mission

Our Mission is to put our cream into the hands of nurses and care givers in hospitals and homes throughout North America and beyond. We want to reduce patients’ suffering, save institutional and individual time and costs and perhaps ultimately affect the standard of care for MASD.

Our Story

Twenty years ago, an Intensive Care Nurse in Vancouver asked Dr. Gordon to write an order to assist a patient suffering with a nasty case of MASD. When the pharmacist was unable to provide a product that met her specifications, Dr. Gordon’s formulation was compounded in-house.
It worked so well the nurses dubbed it ‘Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream™’ and their persistent demand resulted in it being routinely stocked in bedside nursing carts in the Intensive Care and other Units.
When Dr. Gordon moved ‘home’ to Nova Scotia eight years ago, the name stuck and the same demand for her MASD remedy once again developed among nurses and physicians across the Valley Regional Hospital.
We finally got the message. Because we know our product is very safe, fast and effective and because the pharmacist still can’t find another product that meets Dr. Gordon’s specifications, we think it’s time to bring Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream™ to market. 
Dr. Ann Gordon CMO BSc (Hon. Biochemistry) MDCM, FRCPC (McGill)
Ann has degrees in Biochemistry, and medicine with a specialty in Internal and a sub-specialty in Respiratory from McGill. She’s been an Intensive Care clinician and teacher for 25 years at McGill, UBC and now with Dalhousie in Kentville. Her scientific and clinical experience and patient empathy have helped her translate her expertise into a simple solution for a common – yet overlooked – primary care problem.
Johanna Mercer CEO    BA (Acadia) MFA (UBC) Canadian Film Centre (TO)
Johanna has been a director and producer all her life – creating value in many fields including film, theatre, real estate and education. Her corporate clients have included Pfizer, BC Hydro, the Aids Foundation of Canada and the BC Nurses Union. Recently, she founded the Booker School in Port Williams, Nova Scotia, which won the 2018 Governor General’s Award for Teaching Excellence.
Dr. Gordon’s Brown Envelope
Over the next twenty years as Boomers age and live longer, our elderly population will significantly increase, creating greater pressure on our health care system. Correspondingly, we’ll have fewer young workers able to provide nursing care. We need to support caregivers so they will be there for us.
Dr. Ann Gordon and Family have committed to providing a portion of their profits from the sales of Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream™ to the Brown Envelope. The funds will be dedicated to providing education and respite for nurses.