“It’s not just for Bums.”™

“It’s not just for Bums.”™

“It’s not just for Bums.”™

Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream is unique as a single-step, multi-agent remedy that quickly and effectively treats Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD) in adults.

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Who cares? We do.

Skin damage from moisture and chafing is a huge, painful and stigmatized primary care problem for nurses and caregivers in institutional settings, and for many women and persons with marginalized bodies in the consumer sector.

There isn’t another single-step product that quickly addresses all symptoms in one application and which is safe for repeated use. Not in North America. Not anywhere.

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With up to 30 million in institutional care on any given day.

1 million

in Canada

8.5 million

in the Unites States

20 million

in Europe


800 Million globally are incontinent and/or suffer from Intertrigo.

In the global Consumer market, incontinence and chafing damage is estimated to a problem for 800 million persons annually – the majority of whom are women.


Moisture and chafing damage results in painful, itchy, burning rashes that occur in moist, warm environments or wherever one skin surface rubs against another – including between large skin folds on the abdomen, under the breasts and arms, the groin, between buttocks and thighs, the neck, and in web spaces on hands and feet.

Worse, damage can result in serious skin breakdown and infection and is linked to the development of pressure sores.

Seniors and those receiving institutional care, who are often immobile and incontinent, are at very high risk of developing MASD. Many more are quietly suffering at home because of the shame attached to this issue, and the majority of them are women.

Why use our cream?

It’s All-In-One

Because Dr Gordon’s Bum Cream uniquely treats all symptoms of MASD, our product simplifies care. Instead of requesting physicians order multiple products for applications of individual or combined agents and dressings, Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream is all that is required. In short, expert care is not required.

It’s Fast

Nurses report that Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream acts immediately to address MASD discomfort and typically resolves skin damage in much less than 1 week, rather than the 2+ weeks required by other standard therapies. It can help to quickly differentiate MASD from pressure ulcers and prevent skin breakdown and infection.

It’s Easy to Apply

Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream helps maintain patient dignity and decreases potential skin damage and infection by handling. Nurses tell us it’s much easier to apply and remove than other products because it has a very light, non-greasy texture. It doesn’t “treat the sheets”.

Our Story, Our Solution

Twenty years ago, an Intensive Care Nurse in Vancouver asked Dr. Gordon to write an order to assist a patient suffering with a nasty case of MASD. When the pharmacist was unable to provide a product that met her specifications, Dr. Gordon’s formulation was compounded in-house. It worked so well the nurses dubbed it ‘Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream™’ and their persistent demand resulted in it being routinely stocked in bedside nursing carts in the Intensive Care and other Units. When Dr. Gordon moved ‘home’ to Nova Scotia eight years ago, the name stuck and the same demand for her MASD remedy once again developed among nurses and physicians across the Valley Regional Hospital. We finally got the message. Because we know our product is very safe, fast and effective and because the pharmacist still can’t find another product that meets Dr. Gordon’s specifications, we think it’s time to bring Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream™ to market.

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