Dr Gordon’s Bum Cream™

Single-Step Moisture Damage Remedy
“It’s not just for Bums.”™ 


Dr Gordon’s Bum Cream™ is a fast-acting, complex compounded, non-prescription skin cream that effectively treats Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD) in a single step. 
What is Moisture Associated Skin Damage?
Moisture Assoicated Skin Damage (MASD) is an umbrella term used to describe skin damage that develops as a result of exposure to moisture from different sources. It often occurs between folds of skin and can be exacerbated by chaffing, immobility, obesity and incontinence. Moisture damaged skin is usually red, burning or itching and painful. Proper management of these rashes can help prevent infection and pressure sores. 
How is MASD treated? 
While there are numerous commercial prescription and non-prescription products used to manage various forms of MASD, our research has not found another compounded, OTC, single-step product available in North America. 
Our cream, dubbed “Dr Gordon’s Bum Cream” by nurses, was created and has been regularly ordered by Dr Gordon without side effects in Intensive Care and other units in Canadian teaching hospitals for 20 years. Because it works, we have received generous support from healthcare colleagues and funders to bring our cream to market so that it can be made available to others. 
We are actively looking for potential candidates to trial our variety of products. You must be 18 years or older. 
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