Dr Gordon’s Bum Cream

Single-Step Moisture Damage Remedy
“It’s not just for Bums.” 


We are actively seeking persons older than 18 years who are experiencing persistent redness and compromised skin integrity due to moisture or incontinence. Please contact us for more information.
Dubbed ‘Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream™’ by the nurses who use it, the cream has treated countless patients without side effects in Intensive Care and other units in Canadian teaching hospitals for over 20 years.
While there are numerous commercial products available to treat this condition our research has not found another single-step non-prescription product that addresses all MASD symptoms. For this reason we’re bringing our formula to market.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to put our cream into the hands of nurses and caregivers in hospitals and homes across Canada and throughout North America. We want to reduce patients’ suffering, save institutional and individual time and costs and perhaps ultimately affect the accepted standard of care for MASD.
Dr Gordon’s Bum Cream is a single-step moisture damage remedy for hygienic care of moisture associated skin damage.
What is Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD)?
Moisture Associated Skin Damage is an umbrella term used to describe skin damage caused by moisture. It’s a nasty skin rash.  This generally occurs between skin folds in a warm, moist environment such as the groin, buttocks, breasts, armpits, creases of the neck and between the toes.  
Characteristics include redness, burning and itching, broken skin, oozing and sometimes odor and can be complicated by secondary infections from fungus and bacteria.
Risk factors include obesity, incontinence, immobility, diabetes, heat and humidity, immuno-compromised illness, prosthetic devices, poor hygiene and malnutrition.