“As an ICU physician, I’ve seen countless debilitated patients suffering from MASD. Because it’s thought to be an easy condition to treat, dermatologists are not involved and consequently I think the development of a complex, compounded topical treatment for this problem, this population, has simply been overlooked. My formulation has a grassroots following because it’s far easier and more effective than other products nurses have to use.”
– Dr. Ann Gordon

Patients say:

“As a postpartum mom mother of two, this product helped me tremendously. Birth hurts, recovery doesn’t need to. Using this product after baby number two was game changing different than the first time around. I can not wait until this product is commercially available so I can tell every single Mama I know. It will change lives. I am a customer for life!”
Leah, a 36-year old mother of two.
“I began using Dr. Gordon’s cream two months ago. The rawness, itching and burning I experienced daily for five years since my reconnect is gone. It’s hard to believe things are so good. I am feeling like a normal person now.”
Peter, a 40-year Crohn’s patient with fistula complications.
“My skin on the entire lower arch of her breasts becomes very red and the itching is unbearable. Wearing bras makes the situation worse. Since using Dr Gordon’s Bum Cream, my skin is back to normal.
I also find it nice to spread, because it’s soft and not oily (I can’t stand greasy).A small amount is enough to relieve me and repair my skin.
I hope you will be able to market Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream soon, because in my opinion it is definitely an indispensable solution for people suffering from MASD, not just on their bum.”
Jeannine, 89 year old with chronic moisture related skin damage.

Field Study

Dr Gordon’s Bum Cream has been used for the last eight years at Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville Nova Scotia, including our COVID ICU. During this time it has been tracked on over 1600 patients. The cream dominates 30% of all skin care products used in this hospital without any formal promotion. 
MASD can worsen in an occupational setting due to occlusive clothing and the extensive use of masks and gloves due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
There is currently no comparable product in the United States or Canada and scalability in the treatment of MASD as the institutional market is ideal. Commercializing this product responds to the demand of sufferers and their caregivers including nurses, and physicians who have been calling for an effective, easy-to-use, single-step over-the counter product for moisture damaged skin.